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Why Handcrafted Custom Furniture?

Handcrafted or Mass-Produced? Buying the Right Furniture

Buying furniture for your home is not just a necessity. It’s a chance to express your personal style, create a welcoming environment and design a comfortable, practical space. When it comes to furniture, your home deserves the best.

Should You Buy Prefabricated Furniture?

When you’re selecting furniture for your home, you might have been tempted to buy furniture that is prefabricated or mass-produced. Can a low price tag help you achieve a stylish, comfortable look? Maybe, but that cheap furniture may cost more than you think.

At Shenandoah Kitchen & Home, we build one-of-a-kind furniture that reflects the best of Virginia’s heritage and history. There are good reasons why you should consider handcrafted furniture for your home.

Get a Uniquely Beautiful Item

If you buy premade or prefabricated furniture, you might be very happy with the way it looks in your home. Until you start seeing that same furniture in half the living rooms and shop windows in your town.

When you buy handcrafted furniture, you buy something that’s uniquely beautiful and uniquely yours. Handmade, custom furniture will elevate the look of your home and create a style that nobody else can imitate.


Create the Perfect Custom Item

Every house has a room or a space that is difficult to fit with furniture. When you buy a custom-made table, bench or cabinet, you can have one sized perfectly for that cubby or corner.

Similarly, you can add shelves, drawers, custom inserts or other elements to any piece. You increase your design options and create furniture that truly works for you.

Support Local Businesses and Craftsmen

When you buy our handmade items, you are supporting a local business that employs the finest local artisans. You don’t need to spend your money on faceless strangers at some corporation with no investment in your community.

We represent the best of Virginia’s proud heritage of craftsmanship and skill. Our reclaimed wood furniture is suitable for any style of decorating. You’ll love the warm, rustic look that will only improve with age.

Make the Environmentally Friendly Choice

Recycled wood is gentler to the environment than using new wood, plywood or artificial materials. Reclaimed wood is harvested from old barn or farm structures that are being torn down. It doesn’t require cutting down any new trees or using chemical-laden artificial products.

Many reclaimed kinds of wood include those that are almost impossible to find, such as heart pine and chestnut. Recycling allows that wood to live again and allows you to own a piece of history.

Save Money

Although you might think a mass-produced piece of furniture is a great bargain, it could have hidden costs.

A big part of the price of mass-produced furniture is the cost to ship it. A lot of this furniture is made in factories in other states or even overseas. The cost of shipping it to your location is added to the total price.

Lasting Beauty

A cheaply made piece of furniture will also end up costing you more in the long run. After just a few years of regular use, it will start to look shopworn. The finish will start to fade or discolor. The hardware will loosen, fall off or break.

A handcrafted, custom-made piece, on the other hand, will retain its charm for many years. The finish will deepen and beautify with age. The hardware will stay firmly on, making it easy and reliable to use.

Own an Heirloom

Unlike a mass-produced piece of furniture, a handmade one will increase in value with age. You’ll create memories around it. Your family will treasure it as an heirloom that can be handed down to each generation.

Instead of a disposable, cheaply made piece of furniture that looks like every other one in a catalog or showroom, you’ll have a true heirloom piece that your family will be proud to own.

Buy American

At Shenandoah Kitchen & Home, we are proud that our products are all made here in the United States. We use the finest reclaimed hardwoods, including classic American woods like pine, maple, and oak.

Our craftsmen combine the best of old-world skill and an understanding of what modern consumers want. By buying these items, you are supporting an American business and American workers.

Get Shenandoah Style

There is nothing like the charm of Shenandoah style and there are no craftsmen like the ones who create our furniture at Shenandoah Kitchen & Home. When you buy one or more of these items, you’re buying something that’s truly special. Don’t you and your home deserve the best? Call us today or visit our showroom to start designing your family‚Äôs heirloom furniture.

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