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Shenandoah Kitchen & Home

Visit our New Showroom and Design Studio

Run your hands along the satiny finish and see the beauty of the wood grain as it flows over the table top. Walk along reclaimed hardwood floors and feel them under your feet. Experience how the character of the wood brings warmth and life to the room.

Located in a historic Purcellville, Virginia, Shenandoah Kitchen & Home invites you to visit our new showroom and design studio.

During your visit we can introduce you to the heritage and history we love and show you the craftsmanship that sets us apart from mass-produced options.

Rustic Meets Modern

Has the industrialized world lost its grip on quality handcraftsmanship? You might think after replacing your mass-produced furniture pieces. We can help! Crafting solid wood products that last generations will prove a worthy investment.


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