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Run your hands along the satiny finish and see the beauty of the wood grain as it flows over the table top. Walk along reclaimed hardwood floors and feel them under your feet. Experience how the character of the wood brings warmth and life to the room. Visit our store.

Located in a historic home in Purcellville, Virginia, Shenandoah Furniture Gallery is the centerpoint of a relaxing day in our beautiful area. Let us welcome you with a smile and share our work with you. We’ll introduce you to the heritage and history we love, and show you the craftsmanship that sets us apart.

As lifelong residents of Loudoun County, we are happy to guide you to a wonderful day of fun. Enjoy our local restaurants, shopping, and adventure. Explore our many local breweries, distilleries, and vineyards. Our area is the perfect location for a weekend get-away or relaxing day trip where you can laugh, share adventures, and simply reconnect.

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