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Using Reclaimed Materials In Your Redesign

 There are few things more beautiful and organic in a kitchen remodeling project than using reclaimed materials to infuse your home with the sense of history and character that can only come from materials that have lasted the test of time. According to Houzz, 45% of homeowners planning a kitchen remodel intend to gut their existing kitchen and 42% plan to update the existing space.

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Investing in reclaimed materials when you are undertaking this investment of money and time will add a rustic patina and time tested appeal to your home and will extend the life of your kitchen, adding to the value of your home.

When the kitchen design incorporates more than one reclaimed element, the beauty of the different textures coexisting in one room lend a cohesion and sense of history that is hard to duplicate. Right now, one of the hottest trends in home remodeling is infusing that sense of history into your new home using as many natural elements as possible.

Reclaimed stone, wood and tin can come together beautifully in a kitchen our specialists at Shenandoah Furniture Gallery can design with you. The old barns and agricultural buildings we salvage to reclaim wood and and tin also yields us details that make our work feel authentic, down to the square nails we use.

Incorporating a farmhouse sink into our custom cabinetry can also add to the authenticity of your farmhouse kitchen, providing functionality and beauty that has been time tested for decades.

We design our kitchens and our furniture for the needs of ordinary people. With clean lines and beautiful patina, the important decision of a kitchen remodel is in the good hands our craftsmen, who design every element of your kitchen according to your needs and the growing needs of your family.

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