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The Shenandoah Way

Quality Customer Experience

Most businesses claim that customer satisfaction is their number one priority. Do they actually deliver on their promise? Why stop at just customer satisfaction? The team at Shenandoah wants our clients and customers to walk away feeling that they had an exceptional experience from start to finish. We call it, the Shenandoah Way.

Whether you are buying a reclaimed wood farm table or creating a custom kitchen with us experience is very personal. The purchase process is a personal journey and much more than just going to your local hardware store to pick out cabinets or to chain furniture stores to buy a table “off the shelf”.

Handcrafted Journey

Our farm tables have a local history and are custom designed for your space, your life and your memories. We provide our clients the ability to send stain samples to us so we can ensure the stain of the wood on your new farm table matches your current furniture. We design our tables to have adjustable legs if your floors are uneven. We even provide our clients with the history of the wood that created their table and each craftsman signs the table upon competition.

Precision Design

During the process of designing a custom kitchen, our designers sit with each client and discuss the function and flow of the space. We take the time to find out about their family and who will be cooking, eating and entertaining in their new kitchen.

Although our clients provide measurements of the space, our design experts do on-site measurements prior to build-out gratis to ensure the cabinets and appliances fit perfectly as designed.

Upon completion of each client’s project, we go through every aspect of their custom designed kitchen to make certain they understand how to use each new piece and how to care for their custom cabinets.

Your Welcome at SK+H

The Shenandoah way is the only way we know; where a handshake is your word and your customers are family and are treated as such. We want you to walk away with a feeling of exceptional customer service and a desire to come back and see us and tell us all the stories of new memories that begin with our custom, hand-crafted pieces. Stop in and say hello at our gallery in the heart of downtown Purcellville, VA and discover the Shenandoah way for yourself.

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