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The New Generation Of Farm Table Custodians

 The farmhouse table has been an integral part of the American home since the earliest settlers gathered together to share a meal. They were cut from plentiful timber and fashioned more for their function than for their integral beauty. They served the dual purpose of a central meeting point for the family at dinner - they were often large enough to sit 8+ people at once - and also functioned as a work space. Their construction was sturdy enough to survive their constant use.

As towns and villages became more sophisticated and the ability to construct kept up the pace, the utilitarian timbers gave way to legs and long slabs became table tops. Seating was usually benches, which resembled miniature versions of the tables.

When paints and varnishes became available, the legs were turned on a lathe and the farmhouse table began to resemble the beautiful and versatile workhorses we know today.

At Shenandoah Furniture Gallery we take the wood from Loudoun County farms and agricultural buildings that no longer serve their original purpose but who carry history within their bones - the trees the wood was harvested from no longer exist, and work with you to create a table that will bring the past into your home in a beautiful and practical way.

The inherent warmth of a beautifully handcrafted farm table, with the color variations and details found within wood that is centuries old, is as individual as you and your family are.

Very few furniture pieces are able to transcend time and style as the farm table. When these beautiful old buildings are taken down, we take the the wood, aged in time, and make it available to you, the new generation of farm table custodians.

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