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The Modern Farmhouse Style

Modern Farmhouse Style Modern farmhouse style is all about creating a space that finds beauty in everyday surroundings, and encourages gathering with loved ones and enjoying the view more than worrying about maintaining it. It’s a blend of clean lines, neutral palettes, and rustic charm. It mixes old-fashioned warmth with simplicity. It’s a timeless décor…

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Adding Rustic Charm to Your Modern Home

Adding Rustic Charm to Your Modern Home Rustic without Rebuilding People often romanticize an old home, but buying one may require renovations – like putting in a new kitchen and new bathrooms and upgrading plumbing and heating systems – that can be costly.  Similarly, the rooms in older homes were often built small to conserve…

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Modern Farmhouse Design Tip #9

Modern Farmhouse Design Tip #9 Natural Palette Comes to Life with Open Spaces Design Tip #9 to create the Modern Farmhouse Style – old farmhouse interiors are often dark and divided into several small rooms. For a modern take, remove walls and add room dividing beams. Stop by our showroom located in historic Purcellville, Virginia…

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