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Our Neighbor – Loudoun Golf & Country Club

Our Neighbor – Loudoun Golf & Country Club Something that is unique to Loudoun County, Virginia is the spirit of the people who live and work here. There is a motto that most if not all of us Loudouners possess; live local, buy local and support local. As a local business owner in this community,…

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Living Green in Loudoun County

Living Green In Loudoun County Loudoun County is known for its beautiful landscapes dotted with striking horse farms and stone outbuildings surrounded by split-rail fences. This scenery has deep roots in our culture as Virginians, bringing tradition and permanence into our lives. When these buildings outlive their usefulness and functionality, we salvage them to build…

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Eco-friendly Kitchen Renovations

Eco-friendly Kitchen Renovations Your kitchen is often the heart of your home, the place that sees more activity and traffic than any area shared space, and consequently the room that will require an upgrade sooner than most. When you finally decide to renovate your Loudoun County kitchen to accommodate your current needs, it will require…

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Earth Day 2013 … Harness the Trend Toward Greener Living with Reclaimed Wood

Earth Day 2013 … Harness the Trend Toward Greener Living with Reclaimed Wood Reclaimed wood products have surged in popularity, thanks not only to the beautiful authentic style it delivers, but also for their environmental benefits and interesting histories it offers. Many of our clients, love the character, patina, and history of our reclaimed wood…

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