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Shenandoah Farm Tables - Add Your Memories To Wood Already Heavy With Its Own History

Company boards are available on every Shenandoah Furniture Gallery reclaimed wood farm table to add additional seating for special occasions.

The beauty of transforming wood that was previously used elsewhere into something that will add beauty and a sense of newfound history to your home is our passion.

Every piece of lumber that was previously used in a barn, outbuilding, fencing or flooring already has a history of its own and that history can include the memories you make with your family as you sit around your custom-made farm table.

Since we only use reclaimed wood from Virginia’s Shenandoah Valley, no new trees are cut down in order to make our tables. The beauty of the wood as nature intended it, with its variations in color and textures makes for a table that is more than just functional, it is a piece of Art that we create together, according to your lifestyle needs and taste.

 All of our farm tables can include extensions, so that the table you might need Monday through Friday can be adapted to include additional friends and family on the weekends. In this regard, the beauty and sense of history your table provides is joined by a functionality that returns the investment you’ve made in your future heirloom.

Caring for your custom-made farm table is also simple. Ensuring that no right-from-the-oven-hot pots and pans are placed directly on the surface, keeping it away from direct sunlight and avoiding extended exposure to moisture (coasters are always nice) will extend the life and protect the beauty of your solid wood furniture for decades to come. Furniture polish or wax are not necessary since they are not absorbed into the wood, rather just sit on the finish. A damp cloth followed by a dry cloth is enough to keep the glow of the wood alive.

Our passion is your passion; providing you a place of beauty in which to gather with your loved ones, to add your memories to wood already heavy with its own history and to add another layer to the fabric of your life.

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