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Reclaimed Wormy Chestnut Farm Table is Just the Right Piece for These Downsizers

Recently, two of our favorite people came in to see us looking to buy a new kitchen table as part of starting a new phase in their lives. After the daily bustle of children and high stress living, our friends John and Barbara, decided to tailor their lives to their exact specifications, moving to a beautiful home “in the trees.”

Living their lives on their own terms and with only those things they love around them, they came to see us about designing a new reclaimed wood farm table made of wormy chestnut; a place for them to gather together during the week that would not crowd their new space, and that would also accommodate visiting family and friends. In short, a handmade farm table that would accommodate their life in the now.

When the last bird leaves the nest, its often time to take stock and start to plan for life as it will be. Making a list of the things you’d always wanted to do but couldn’t because you were raising kids is only the first in a series of logical steps you can take when you begin a new chapter. Making wise investments in yourself and in your home, and starting to live with things that are meaningful and have a depth of history and quality becomes more important than ever.

Every piece of furniture we craft starts with history as its basic building block, each board chosen not only for its beauty but for its functionality and longevity. An investment in your future and your life can begin by including a piece of the past.

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