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Reclaimed Wood Furniture

Reclaimed Wood Furniture is not always an obvious choice to the untrained eye, but it is becoming a widely used preference for not only furniture designers but consumers. Reclaimed wood is a great choice for beauty and for longevity. Additionally, it allows the story and the tradition of the wood to live on in the next generation of owners who will add the next layer of history.

Visit us at Shenandoah Furniture Gallery to view our reclaimed wood kitchen islands. Each piece is has its own history and story, steeped in Loudoun County Virginia history. We invite you to come to our location in downtown, historic Purcellville to meet our craftsman and choose the reclaimed wood furniture that will become part of your family history.

Using Reclaimed Wood on this kitchen island shows the beauty of the grain detail and the coloration of the wood, bringing to life the visual history of these reclaimed wood boards.

Reclaimed wood can be used throughout the home, providing warmth and charm, while preserving tradition. Passing on a family headboard to future generations was akin to passing on the family bible throughout previous two centuries.

A dining table design utilizing reclaimed wood in a more modern setting, still showcasing the beauty of the wood while using more finishes, including stains and paint.

One example of using reclaimed wood in a family heritage piece that can be passed to the next generation. Perhaps paint is the finish choice to cover and preserve, but the beauty underneath remains.

Reclaimed wood can be used as the base of a furniture piece, or simply in the details, as shown in the beautiful turned legs on this custom dining table.

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