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Reclaimed Wood Creates A Modern Kitchen Vintage Feel

Mass Produced Design

Most kitchens built in the last 20 years in the DC Metro area have your typical builder influenced look and appeal. It doesn’t matter if you are in a brownstone in Alexandria or a large single family home in Ashburn; they all start to look alike. You can walk into any chain hardware or design store and see parts and pieces of your own kitchen on display.

The Core of Your Home

Those of us that see our kitchen as the heart of our home want a space that is eco-friendly, with modern technology but has a unique look and feel. It’s an investment in creating an atmosphere to swap stories and laugh with friends.

Add Reclaimed Wood

Using reclaimed wood to add architectural accents as well as antique wood custom kitchen cabinetry provides the juxtaposition of vintage to your modern galley. The clean colors and lines in this kitchen we redesign are highlighted by the use of rustic, reclaimed wood beams, and patinas that are imperfect; adding a feeling of originality.

Rustic and Modern Kitchen Elements

This state-of-the-art kitchen has the perfect, modern appliances to cook a masterful meal, created on the imperfect wood of the custom kitchen island that is also made of local, reclaimed wood. This beautiful farmhouse kitchen also includes antique and reclaimed wood floors and would not be complete without the deep farmhouse inspired sink and of course the handmade antique oak farmhouse table designed to display your culinary creations that can impress any foodie.

Create Your Dream Room

In order to design the farmhouse kitchen of your dreams, the designers and craftsmen at Shenandoah Kitchen & Home, work together with you to design and create your vision. Adding custom pieces of reclaimed wood to cabinetry, antique wood flooring, rustic wood island tops, and other architectural accents, while using modern appliances and fixtures create the modern kitchen with the vintage feel.

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