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Reclaimed Hardwood Flooring - Today's Most Popular Environmentally Friendly Building Material

More and more homeowners in Northern Virginia are looking for environmentally friendly building materials. Whether building a new home or renovating an existing home, reclaimed hardwood flooring is the most popular of the environmental building materials.

The look of reclaimed hardwood floors has increased in popularity so much that even other products such as laminate, vinyl, and traditional hardwood are beginning to imitate the aesthetics. But, reclaimed wood floors imbues a look and feel that cannot be matched.

This makes the wood more than just a floor, it makes it part of a story. Whether it came from a tobacco barn built in the 1880s that today was on the verge of being demolished by its owner, or a dairy barn being dismantled to make room for a park, there is always something more to be told about our floors.

Our passion is to reuse antique wood rather than destroy the forest

All of our reclaimed wood flooring is 100 percent from old barns, agricultural buildings, and rural structures found throughout the Shenandoah Valley of Virginia. Our reclaimed hardwood is custom milled to your specifications, hand crafted one plank at a time – inspected, processed, and kiln-dried so that the finished product matches your preferences for aesthetics, performance, and budget.

Our reclaimed hardwood floors are available at different widths and in a variety of species and finishes:

  • Antique Oak
  • Vertical Grain Heart Pine
  • Select Grade Heart Pine
  • Rustic White Oak
  • Rustic Cherry
  • Horse Country Oak
  • Antique Chestnut
  • Cabin Grade Heart Pine
  • Wormy Oak
  • Select White Oak
  • Tobaccowood Milled
  • Tobaccowood Distressed
  • Character White Oak
  • Select Red Oak
  • Character Red Oak

We are passionate about creating the exact look you want, contact us today to learn more.

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