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Our Team

Vickie Kelley - The Heart of Our Team

When you walk into our store, Vickie welcomes you as our special guest. She is the heart of our team, combining her love of the heritage of our area with her enthusiasm for our customers. Her knowledge and expertise will help you bring your vision for your home to life. Her welcoming smile will help you relax and enjoy every moment of our work together.

Charlie Funk - Master Craftsman

Charlie’s quiet intensity fuels the creation of our custom furniture and cabinetry. He’s passionate about quality, and his vision for simplicity inspires our collection with comfort and classic style. He captures your vision with perfectly rendered drawings, and signs every piece he creates as a symbol of his commitment to quality workmanship. His passion comes through in every piece we create.

Hunter Kelley - Our Wood Purveyor

Each piece we create begins as a historic structure in our local area. With over 35 years of antique wood experience, Hunter appreciates the value and potential in each board we reclaim. He keeps us stocked with antique lumber rich in character and history, and uses his eye for detail to create flooring, beams, and architectural accents that capture the beauty in each board.

Preserving America’s Story, Building Yours