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Our Environmental Commitment

Are We Green? Absolutely!

We build natural furniture that is handcrafted from reclaimed barn wood. We use wood that would be discarded or destroyed, repurposing rather than cutting down trees in living forestlands.

Each year, millions of tons of construction materials and demolition debris is buried in landfills in the United States. Much of this is usable wood - material that could be repurposed or reused. As it decomposes, this wood releases methane gas into our environment. In addition, harvesting and milling new lumber creates greenhouse gases. The traditional furniture industry is a burden on our environment in many ways.

At Shenandoah Furniture Gallery, we are committed to the environment. We reuse wood found in old farm structures - keeping this material out of landfills rather than relying on new lumber. We cherish old barn wood, and our master craftsman turn it into beautiful furniture, creating the most environmentally-friendly furniture you can buy.

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