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Living Green In Loudoun County

 Loudoun County is known for its beautiful landscapes dotted with striking horse farms and stone outbuildings surrounded by split-rail fences. This scenery has deep roots in our culture as Virginians, bringing tradition and permanence into our lives. When these buildings outlive their usefulness and functionality, we salvage them to build custom made furniture, farm tables, cabinetry and flooring that will reflect the beauty and character of wood that has already lived a rich lifetime. There is no better way to honor history, and our commitment to preservation and respect for our planet, than to remain green in every possible way.

After we salvage as much wood as we can, we kiln-dry it to ensure it will remain structurally sound and pest-free. The character of the wood after its properly treated remains, the variation in the grain, the history of its previous life, is ingrained in every board.

 One of our favorite and most popular farm tables is the Thresher Table, which is constructed from the threshing floor of old oak barns. This particular wood bears the marks of where the grain was threshed with a flail, giving the wood a beautiful distressed patina. Other woods we can construct our farm tables with include antique Oak Barn siding, Tobacco wood Pine, Antique Wormy Chestnut, Horse Country Oak, and many more.

The idea that what we use to create lasting heirloom furniture can be a part of our environment and continue to be incorporated in our lives long after its original usefulness is outlived, is the foundation of what we do.

By way of an example, a client who is building a house in Loudoun County had to relinquish trees on the property due to structural hazards. Our client thought to ask us if it would be possible to harvest the wood that had been a part of the property for so long and treat in order to reuse within the framework of their new home. The trees they had done their best to protect were incorporated into their kitchen, as their kitchen floor, therefore giving them a whole new life in the history of their family. This is Green Living in every way.

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