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How to Care for Reclaimed Wood Furniture

Caring for your reclaimed wood furniture is simple and easy. Although reclaimed wood is treasured for its irregularities, nicks and scratches, we all want to keep the beauty of the wood the focal point of our piece. Below, we will discuss how to avoid heat and moisture, scratches, and fading. Then we will explain the best reclaimed wood maintenance practices.


 Heat and Moisture
Nothing is worse than a ring from a coffee cup on your new kitchen table! Cloudy marks caused by heat cannot be removed without refinishing your piece. Escaping heat damage to the finish is simple: if it’s too hot for your hands, then it’s too hot for the furniture. Dishes or pans coming directly out of the oven need trivets. Beware of trivets with metal legs; the legs can heat up and cause damage, too. If you only have trivets with metal legs, put an extra layer of protection between your trivet and your table. Hot and cold cups both need coasters. The cold won’t hurt your finish, but the moisture from condensation is dangerous. Any spills need to be wiped up immediately.

Don’t write directly on your table. Some woods are soft enough to scratch just with the pressure of writing. Place a book on top of your table to avoid indentations when writing, and keep sharp items away from your furniture in general to avoid fine scratches. It’s also good to keep the furniture crumb and grit-free so that a little piece of crumb doesn’t create a scratch later. You can use toothbrushes or paintbrushes to get crumbs out of cracks.

Strong sunlight will fade any wood finish. If you have your furniture near a sunny window or door, utilize curtains or blinds to keep the direct light off your wood.

General Reclaimed Wood Maintenance
Our furniture does not require polish or wax because those items just sit on top of the wood finish. To keep your wood looking beautiful, use a damp cloth to clean it off, followed by a dry cloth. That’s it. To keep your wood from drying out, make sure the average relative humidity in your home is 25-35%. Also, don’t store the spare company boards for your table in a damp basement; it’s best to keep them close to your table so that they are maintained at the same humidity.

Caring for your reclaimed wood furniture is just like caring for any furniture in your home. Avoiding hot and cold extremes, moisture, sharp objects, and strong sunlight will keep your wood finish looking new. With little effort, you can appreciate the charm of reclaimed wood furniture in your home for many, many years to come.

If you have any questions about the care of your reclaimed wood furniture contact us at Shenandoah Furniture Gallery, we'd be happy to help you!

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