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Horse Country Oak

 One of our most beautiful reclaimed woods is Horse Country Oak. Made from the reclaimed fences that line the rolling hills and pastures found throughout Loudoun County, Virginia. This is one of our favorite reclaimed woods not only because of its beauty, but because it is extremely durable.

Reclaimed oak falls into the hardwood tree family. It is ideal for fence construction because horses do not eat oak as easily as they do pine and hemlock. The effects of the sun, wind, and rain give the wood a beautiful patina, but when a fence needs to be replaced, we reclaim the boards and treat them appropriately so that they are structurally sound and pest free.

In our workroom, the surface of the wood is planed, sanded, stained and then finished to accentuate the antique wood grain pattern and brings the patina to the surface but also protects the wood from the wear and tear of daily use.

The area we live in is so identifiable with the beauty of endless hills and pastures. Antique Horse County Oak is one of our favorite woods to work with, both for what it means to be able to salvage a part of our countryside that is indigenous to Virginia, and because of the intrinsic beauty of the wood itself.

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