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From Farm To Office Farm Tables

When shopping for a statement piece of furniture, most people purchase our handcrafted farm tables for their home or the home of someone they love. However, our custom farm tables can also be designed and created for your office. A new trend is developing where local businesses are looking for a unique piece of furniture, to use as their board or conference room table or to create a hip space for an open-office working environment.

For each specific office, we design your farm table to work within your space. The farm table is created based on the dimensions of the room, the overall look of the office, the amount of seating needed and the functionality of the table. The boards of wood are sourced locally from barns around Northern Virginia with a concentration in Loudoun County.  Each board tells a story, and we preserve the history of where the wood came from and its original use to share with each of our clients.

Upon completion of our farm tables, each one is signed by the craftsman who built it, making your table a one of a kind piece. The dedicated team at Shenandoah Furniture Gallery will deliver your farm table and place it in the specific office space designated by you and your group.  Our farm tables are a great conversation starter with your clients, and we love hearing about all of the stories and new memories that take place on our tables.

One of our latest farm to office tables was designed, built, and delivered to a local, Loudoun County marketing firm, Conveyance Marketing Group. The owner of Conveyance, Kristine Jacobson wanted to add an exceptional table to enhance the warm and creative feel in their downtown Leesburg office. During our design process, we created adjustable legs for the uneven hardwood floors in the Conveyance office.

We invite you to come to our location in downtown, historic Purcellville to meet our craftsman and chose the reclaimed wood furniture that will become part of your conversation.


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