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Earth Day 2013 … Harness the Trend Toward Greener Living with Reclaimed Wood

 Reclaimed wood products have surged in popularity, thanks not only to the beautiful authentic style it delivers, but also for their environmental benefits and interesting histories it offers.

Many of our clients, love the character, patina, and history of our reclaimed wood floors, furniture and cabinetry, and others are interested in sustainability and saving our forests and the environment. Whatever the reason, we see the use of reclaimed wood as a trend turned tradition!


Sustaining the resources of our earth while combining it with the art of making beautiful quality furniture

At Shenandoah Furniture Gallery, we reclaim aged beams and flooring from old barns and outbuildings from in and around Virginia's Shenandoah Valley that are rich in history but beyond repair or restoration. We then transform this beautiful aged timber into environmentally conscious, solid wood creations of the highest quality.


The character of aged wood is unmatched in new wood, and because it's recycled, it's a perfectly green alternative.

Reclaimed wood beams, flooring and cabinetry are appearing as features in kitchens and rustic wood furnishings are being found everywhere from the living room to the dining room to the bedroom.

Earth Day is April 22, 2013, at Shenandoah Furniture Gallery we’ll show you how reclaimed wood can suit any style.

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