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Do You Know Farm Table?

All farm tables may claim to be alike, but when it comes to comparing apples to apples, do you really know your farm table? Do you know who sourced the wood, where it came from, what the wood was before becoming the foundation for your farmhouse table? Is your table constructed locally or abroad? And is it constructed with reclaimed wood by an expert craftsman or are you purchasing a table that is being resold with a large mark up?

When purchasing a farmhouse table from Shenandoah Furniture Gallery, you are not buying “just” a table but the rich history behind the reclaimed wood itself. For over 30 years, the wood used to construct Shenandoah’s farm tables comes from locally and regionally sourced barns and stables.

Many of these local barns contact our wood purveyor directly to remove and reclaim their wood structures due our reputation for the care we place on every board from removal to repurpose. Each wood plank has a story to tell of its original use; where the wood came from, how long it has been there and this history is infused into each table and the story told to each client.

Our master craftsmen’s passion for quality fuels the creation of customized pieces designed for each client specifically. The commitment to keeping the history of each piece alive in the tables designed and hand built shows the pride bestowed in each farmhouse table he personally signs and dates.

From the moment the wood is sourced, removed and transported to our workshop in Berryville, to the day the farm table is delivered to your home, Shenandoah Furniture Gallery designs and cares for your heirloom furniture piece just as you would. We create the piece to form new memories from local history for your family.

Experience the difference that Shenandoah Furniture Gallery provides to each client.

Learn the history behind your farm table and come to our showroom in historic Purcellville, Virginia to feel the reclaimed wood in order to understand the personalized detail and craftsmanship that goes into each piece we build. Only then, can you really know your farm table.

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