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Designing With Reclaimed Wood

Designing with reclaimed wood is a growing trend that's not only eco-friendly but also very stylish. At Shenandoah Furniture Gallery our reclaimed wood flooring, cabinetry, and furniture suits any style.

Our reclaimed wood is structurally sound and highly aesthetic; it has rich color tone and rustic appearance that can only be developed by Mother Nature. Once our wood, already rich in history, is milled and dry, it’s ready to be transformed into whatever you can imagine.


Using Reclaimed Wood in Cottage Interior Design
You don’t have to live in a countryside farmhouse to live with cottage-style decorating; we see it popping up in big city apartments too. Cottage-style decorating is inspired by the garden. Reclaimed wood furnishings with worn finished, beadboard and beams in pine, poplar, birch and oak are most commonly used to create a casual, vintage and romantic feel.

Using Reclaimed Wood Country Interior Design
When we think country, we think French country, English country, and American rustic country. We think sturdy, practical, rustic furniture that is more useful and inviting than fancy and formal. Reclaimed wood floors, patinas, walls, furniture, and cabinetry feel right at home here. The traditional farmhouse kitchen with a handcrafted farm table fits right in to this design.

Using Reclaimed Wood Modern Interior Design
Eco-style is the new modern style. The stark modernism of years past has been replaced by mixing materials such as metal and industrial style finishes with reclaimed wood to achieve more complex interiors. Wood wall tiles and wood paneling are modern interior decorating trends that create a comfortable retro feel and stylish look to any room.

Using Reclaimed Wood Mountain-inspired Interior Design
Imagine an evening nestled by the fireplace and you have mountain-style decorating. Mountain-style decorating is cozy and the rich American pioneer history. Our reclaimed wood tables, chairs, chests, dining tables, coffee tables, benches, and fireplace mantels in rustic oak, Pine are perfect for an evening by the fire.

Using Reclaimed Wood Beach-inspired Interior Design
Beach-inspired design is about bringing the tranquil feeling of your seaside vacation inside. Intentionally worn furniture, distressed wood cabinetry and shelves made of antique pine help recreate the relaxing atmosphere found at the beach.

The big manufacturers try desperately to make new wood look old using various techniques. Nothing even comes close to Mother Nature’s slow aging process. We’ll design custom furniture, cabinetry and entire rooms for your home that bring out the historic beauty of the wood.

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