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Creating A Charming Farmhouse Kitchen

Old farmhouse kitchens were once the epicenter of farm living. They were characterized by plenty of space, a big farmhouse table for food preparation and family gatherings, a central hearth, plenty of cabinets and shelves for food storage and cookery, and an easy-going and cozy feel. This was not the case at the 1800s stone farmhouse that Carpenter Beach Construction brought us to.

What we found was a 6x6 space that the owner had been utilizing as her kitchen for the past 25-years. Initially, we were called on to see if we could help restore and fit some antique pieces stored in her barn into the existing 6x6 kitchen. Space was certainly not on our side.

The more we talked, the more the plan developed and we learned what the client ultimately wanted in her farmhouse kitchen. Carpenter Beach Construction converted a back porch into our client’s new kitchen.

Together with Carpenter Beach Construction, the kitchen design team at Shenandoah Furniture Gallery set out to give our client a beautiful kitchen makeover with all the modern amenities while maintaining the authenticity of her 1800s farmhouse.

We added warmth and timeless beauty to her farmhouse kitchen with reclaimed hardwood flooring; handmade custom cabinetry from barn boards reclaimed from local Loudoun County barns, and decorate the room with old farm finds for an authentic farmhouse flavor.

Today our client will tell you that her farmhouse kitchen is her favorite room in her house.

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