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Antique Tin & Antique Stone

Antique Tin

Weathered and rusty, antique tin is a unique material that is perfect for a wide range of living environments. When applied to a ceiling it provides texture and a warm feel. As backing behind ceiling beams it reveals the feel of an old barn structure. Used as paneling, antique tin provides a comfortable feel to any room. The tin is light enough to be cut, yet sturdy enough to hold its shape. Sheets are typically two feet in width and range from 8 to 12 feet in length.

Ancient Stone

We collect ancient stone from our projects around the Northern Virginia Area. This ancient stone displays color and character unlike any from more newly-quarried stone. Its special character comes from weather, from wind, from rain, from wear. Ancient stone is available in various quantities and sizes. Add that special touch to a new or historic project.

Stone is still the most popular and widely used homebuilding material in Europe and parts of the U.K. America is unusual in the world for primarily using stick-built homes, which goes back to our history of huge forested expanses. Wood became popular because it was readily available. In Europe, stone was more readily available, and people there had vivid memories of cities, including London, whose wooden buildings were destroyed by fire.

Ever wonder what we do with the stone that we collect from reclaiming barns? We partner with Kelley’s Traditional Masonry, LLC, a local traditional mason who uses the ancient stone in his local building projects. Traditional masonry involves old-fashioned materials and techniques that have been modernized to fit today’s needs and to streamline the process. Despite these innovations, traditional masonry is still a labor-intensive process that requires skilled craftsmanship, and no two stone-built homes are exactly alike. If you want a unique look in a home that is impervious to weather, mold, and fire, and will last a lifetime, you cannot do better than a masonry building. Give Kelley’s Traditional Masonry, LLC  a call to arrange a design appointment and discuss your building project using locally collected stone. Some stone may even date back to the Pre-Civil War era!

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