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Reclaimed Wood Flooring

Thanksgiving Table Settings for your Reclaimed Wood Farm Table

Thanksgiving Table Settings For Your Reclaimed Wood Farm Table You now own the table of your dreams – a custom made reclaimed wood farm table, and you can’t wait to unveil it to your guests on Thanksgiving. A farm table is the foundation of the decorations, and the tablescape that you create should be a…

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If This Antique Wood Flooring Could Talk

If Antique Wood Flooring Could Talk We have the privilege of living in an area full of rich and valuable history, since Western Loudoun County and Northern Virginia were at the crossroads of history and therefore have historical landmarks almost as far as the eye can see. In this beautiful area, we have been fortunate…

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Farm House Kitchen Remodel Alexandria, VA

Farm House Kitchen Remodel Alexandria, VA Recently, a couple from Del Ray, Alexandria came to us with ideas about the renovations they would like to make on their 1932 bungalow. They purchased their lovely historic home based on the previous owners care and attention to the home’s architectural integrity with regard to form, materials and…

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Beautiful Home Remodeled with Reclaimed Wood and Accents

Beautiful Home Remodeled with Reclaimed Wood and Accents When the opportunity arises to preserve a beautiful building and transform it into a home, we’ve been honored to help clients to transform their ideas into reality. One such project was the remodeling of a former Quaker Boys School into a home that could function for a…

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Living Green in Loudoun County

Living Green In Loudoun County Loudoun County is known for its beautiful landscapes dotted with striking horse farms and stone outbuildings surrounded by split-rail fences. This scenery has deep roots in our culture as Virginians, bringing tradition and permanence into our lives. When these buildings outlive their usefulness and functionality, we salvage them to build…

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Eco-friendly Kitchen Renovations

Eco-friendly Kitchen Renovations Your kitchen is often the heart of your home, the place that sees more activity and traffic than any area shared space, and consequently the room that will require an upgrade sooner than most. When you finally decide to renovate your Loudoun County kitchen to accommodate your current needs, it will require…

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Beautiful, Modern Farmhouse Kitchens

Beautiful Home Remodeled With Reclaimed Wood And Accents When we used to imagine a farmhouse kitchen, we would think about the kitchen Grandma Walton would be comfortable in, or the kind of kitchen you’d find on the Prairie, with dark paneling, divided spaces and little natural light. But the reason the farmhouse kitchen is still…

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Preserving History in Loudoun County

Preserving History in Loudoun County We had a family from California contact us; they wanted to build a new home in Loudoun County that looked like an old Virginia barn. Our Wood Purveyor, Hunter Kelley had just dismantled a 1800s barn in Lovettsville that was made of beautiful antique wide plank oak with a stone…

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Reclaimed Hardwood Flooring – Today’s Most Popular Environmentally Friendly Building Material

Reclaimed Hardwood Flooring – Today’s Most Popular Environmentally Friendly Building Material More and more homeowners in Northern Virginia are looking for environmentally friendly building materials. Whether building a new home or renovating an existing home, reclaimed hardwood flooring is the most popular of the environmental building materials. The look of reclaimed hardwood floors has increased…

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