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Antique Architectural Accents

Adding Rustic Charm to Your Modern Home

Adding Rustic Charm to Your Modern Home   People often romanticize an old home, but buying one may require renovations – like putting in a new kitchen and new bathrooms and upgrading plumbing and heating systems – that can be costly.  Similarly, the rooms in older homes were often built small to conserve heat, so…

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A Spooktacular Purcellville Halloween

A Spooktacular Purcellville Halloween Twas, the night before Halloween and all through the store, not a creature, was stirring on our beautiful reclaimed wood floor. All the families of Purcellville gathered in costume to meet! It was the Annual Halloween Block Party held on 21st Street! Make sure to save the date and time for…

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Farm House Kitchen Remodel Alexandria, VA

Farm House Kitchen Remodel Alexandria, VA Recently, a couple from Del Ray, Alexandria came to us with ideas about the renovations they would like to make on their 1932 bungalow. They purchased their lovely historic home based on the previous owners care and attention to the home’s architectural integrity with regard to form, materials and…

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Horse Country Oak

Horse Country Oak One of our most beautiful reclaimed woods is Horse Country Oak. Made from the reclaimed fences that line the rolling hills and pastures found throughout Loudoun County, Virginia. This is one of our favorite reclaimed woods not only because of its beauty, but because it is extremely durable. Reclaimed oak falls into the…

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Beautiful Home Remodeled with Reclaimed Wood and Accents

Beautiful Home Remodeled with Reclaimed Wood and Accents When the opportunity arises to preserve a beautiful building and transform it into a home, we’ve been honored to help clients to transform their ideas into reality. One such project was the remodeling of a former Quaker Boys School into a home that could function for a…

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Our Favorite Woods

Our Favorite Woods We are fortunate to live in an area where our country’s history can be found at every corner.  Extending even past our beautiful Loudoun County, the cities of Alexandria and Arlington alone have blocks of beautiful historic buildings that still harken back to the days of horses and carriages.  This inspiration is…

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Eco-friendly Kitchen Renovations

Eco-friendly Kitchen Renovations Your kitchen is often the heart of your home, the place that sees more activity and traffic than any area shared space, and consequently the room that will require an upgrade sooner than most. When you finally decide to renovate your Loudoun County kitchen to accommodate your current needs, it will require…

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Checkmate Farmhouse Kitchen Remodel

Checkmate Farmhouse Kitchen Remodel Our remodel of this beautiful “checkmate” kitchen captures the essence of the “farmhouse kitchen.” In this high-end kitchen remodel, our kitchen design team left no detail to whimsy. They worked with the homeowners to define the overall look and feel – they chose early American Virginia Farmhouse style … with all…

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Design Elements of a Farmhouse Kitchen

Design Elements Of A Farmhouse Kitchen Farmhouse kitchen design is simple, conjuring up a taste of American heritage. Charming historic features and elements of nature are commonly found in today’s modern farmhouse kitchens. We have detailed some of the elements we most commonly integrate into our farmhouse kitchen designs. Humble Details Country-style decorating can draw…

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