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Beautiful Home Remodeled With Reclaimed Wood And Accents

When we used to imagine a farmhouse kitchen, we would think about the kitchen Grandma Walton would be comfortable in, or the kind of kitchen you’d find on the Prairie, with dark paneling, divided spaces and little natural light.

But the reason the farmhouse kitchen is still so popular today is that the idea of it still fills us with a feeling of “home” and community. At Shenandoah Furniture Gallery, we can help you reinvent your own version of a farmhouse kitchen that will seem like “home” to you, and still provide you with all the amenities that were not available in yesterday’s purely utilitarian kitchens.

After making a list of all of the things you’d like in your ideal kitchen, our craftsmen work with you or with you and your architect to design a kitchen that provides the same feeling of family unity and community, but offers better use of space and eco-friendly reclaimed wood materials.

Previously compartmentalized spaces can be opened up, and our reclaimed wood floors, which have a look and feel that cannot be matched, offer character that can’t be duplicated since 100 percent of the materials we use is reclaimed from old barns and agricultural buildings right here in Loudoun County and the Shenandoah Valley.

Cabinets can also be reconfigured, and the best finish and antique barn wood, from oak, tobaccowood pine, antique poplar, wormy chestnut, rustic cherry, rustic walnut, or reclaimed oak fence boards is chosen.

The ingrained characteristics of our reclaimed wood is what makes it beautiful, and recall the history that all of our wood carries with it. The blemishes the wood may have do not affect the integrity and quality of our product, but those splits and knots become attributes to your piece and add a sense of history and permanence to your kitchen.

Create Your Own Legacy with a Farmhouse Kitchen from Shenandoah Furniture Gallery

 We can help you recreate the feel of your Grandma’s farmhouse kitchen, imbue it with a history of your own, and use materials that carry decades of history within them, while retaining the functionality of a modern kitchen your family can grow and thrive in.

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