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Beautiful Home Remodeled with Reclaimed Wood and Accents

When the opportunity arises to preserve a beautiful building and transform it into a home, we’ve been honored to help clients to transform their ideas into reality. One such project was the remodeling of a former Quaker Boys School into a home that could function for a modern family of eight, while staying true to the style and era of the home - with reclaimed wood floors, antique wood cabinetry, and historic accents. The character that drew the buyers to it in the first place was the foundation upon which we fashioned a beautiful timeless home.

The original structure had beautiful exposed log walls, which we were able to preserve, but the brick was replaced with brick from a chalk factory in Oklahoma. The floors were also replaced with reclaimed oak barn siding. In the kitchen we were able to incorporate an eat-in area; which now aside from accommodating a larger family, has now been transformed into the heart of the home. The fireplace, which is a beautiful source of comfort in the colder months, is now graced by a reclaimed antique oak barn beam.

A modern kitchen requires a different cabinet layout than what was needed in a school, so we custom designed wood cabinets that were painted white in order to both complement the space but not compete with the surrounding textures of the exposed log and brick. Finally soapstone countertops were added to ensure durability and functionality. The former Quaker Boys School is now the beautifully functioning home of an ever-growing family that will add a history of its own.

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