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Sunday Dinner

Sunday Dinner Remember Sunday Dinner?  Just hearing those words takes me back to that well-loved kitchen in my Grandparents house where a single table is overflowing with Sunday bounty….bowls of steaming, garden-fresh vegetables, Sunday roast, light-as-a-feather biscuits and homemade jam. Sunday dinner was once an American institution, a strong, familiar thread running deeply through our…

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Adding Rustic Charm to Your Modern Home

Adding Rustic Charm to Your Modern Home   People often romanticize an old home, but buying one may require renovations – like putting in a new kitchen and new bathrooms and upgrading plumbing and heating systems – that can be costly.  Similarly, the rooms in older homes were often built small to conserve heat, so…

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Time for the Table

Time for the Table There’s last-minute wrapping to do and a mountain of potatoes to peel, so how do you make time for the table?  Easy.  Do it in advance and keep it simple.  The prettiest Christmas tables aren’t piled with expensive china and glitzy trimmings; they are simply dressed and inviting.  The ingredients?  Warm…

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