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Antique Wood Floors from Shenandoah Furniture Gallery Add Beauty to Your Purcellville Home

 Reclaimed wood flooring has become a beautiful trend for modern and traditional homes alike. Installing reclaimed wood flooring can add a stunning rustic character to your home. This flooring option has many benefits besides its gorgeous look.

Antique Wood Flooring is Environmentally friendly

If you’re conscious of your impact on the environment and would like to save a few trees then the option of reclaimed wood flooring is a great way to go. Depending on the size of the room you wish to floor, new hardwood flooring could cause multiple trees to be cut down. Reclaimed wood flooring, however, is generally taken from buildings that are soon to be demolished, like warehouses, horse stables or farmhouse barns.

By installing antique wood flooring you could also gain LEED credit for your Purcellville home. LEED, or Leadership in Energy & Environmental Design, recognizes builders and homeowners for taking steps toward green building practices. Salvaged materials, such as reclaimed wood flooring, falls under the “Materials Reuse” credit.

The Stability and Durability of Antique Lumber is Unmatched

New wood flooring contains moisture that will cause it to expand and shrink throughout the seasons. Sometimes this can cause problems in your home. Reclaimed wood flooring has already been through many years of temperature changes and has previously expanded and shrunk. Meaning that you will have fewer problems with the flooring construction.

Antique wood flooring wood flooring tends to be more durable than new wood flooring since it was likely taken from a structure that was 50-100 years old. Which means that the wood originally sourced was older and stronger. New wood flooring tends to be sourced from younger trees making it less durable.

Reclaimed Wood Floors Offer You a Unique Look

Another great perk of installing reclaimed wood flooring is that it comes pre-worn. No more cringing after watching your dog skid across brand new wood flooring. Antique wood flooring provides a weathered look that is complimentary to any Purcellville home design, whether modern or rustic.

Reclaimed wood flooring has a look that is unrivaled in new wood flooring options. It is weathered and worn, rustic and full of character. Adding refurbished rather than new wood flooring to your home creates a distinctive look. Each piece of wood will look slightly different, bringing out diverse grains and hues from each plank.

Designing your floors in patterns like chevron can enhance these unique pieces. You can also choose not to sand off paint original to the previous building, which would create a funky, chic look to the flooring.

However you decide to use reclaimed wood flooring in your Purcellville home project, know that it will stand out from the crowd and provide durability and beauty for years to come.

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