Why Choose Shenandoah

1. Our cabinet installer will attend your very first appointment with us to discuss your design needs and budget; gather preliminary measurements of your space and on occasion our master cabinetmaker will also attend the first meeting. You shouldn’t entrust your dreams to a few notes on a piece of paper for a factory worker to decode. At Shenandoah, you’ll work directly with our experienced kitchen designer, cabinet installer and master craftsman one-on-one. We’ll create exactly what you want.

2. Because our kitchen cabinetry is locally crafted, your cabinet installation will be on-time. If you’re building a home or renovating a kitchen, then timely delivery — in between other job-site needs — is ideal.

3. Choose between reclaimed antique lumber or newly harvested lumber, depending on your style and taste.

4. At Shenandoah, each cabinet is built precisely for your walls and space. You never have to force our cabinets to fit your space, so you never have to settle for not quite right. Because we make our cabinets specifically for each customer’s needs, we have no minimum width requirements or manufacturer’s specifications to worry about. Practically, this means more kitchen space for us to work with.