Shenandoah Style

Shenandoah style is classically beautiful, ensuring that our furniture will be enjoyed for generations.

Our farm tables use long-length grain-matched boards that run the full-length of the table.

You may spot a shaker foot or a mission chair back in our gallery. Yes, those influences are peppered throughout our collection, but they don’t dominate it. The table’s legs are straight, never at angles.

Our style has been called “early American.” But for us, it’s really more about preserving classic lines and building furniture that brings out the beauty of the wood.

Ultimately, the wood – its character, its nature – is what drives Shenandoah style. Because it’s the wood that carries your family’s memories, etched in to the grain.

Our style is focused on preserving the beauty of the reclaimed barn wood we build our tables from. Prior to the 20th century, most farm tables were made by the people that planned to use them, not cabinetmakers. Their beauty was a by-product of their function.

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This thick plank farmhouse kitchen table is made of antique American wormy chestnut, an extinct lumber. Each table is custom made for every customer; customers choose the reclaimed wood, finish, size and leg style.

The farm table is characterized by its long narrow proportions. Its boards run the length of the table, rather than across it. Originally they served as worktables in the kitchens of farm houses across America.

Today, Shenandoah farm tables are used in kitchens and dining rooms. They’re also homework stations, writing tables, and project areas. These hardworking tables inspire decorators and home aficionados alike with their classic and practical style.Bar-6

The Shenandoah Farm Table – For your memories. For your family. For your legacy.