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Reclaimed Antique American Oak – Here is a material much like Chestnut that has a great story to tell!  It can be re-sawn from old beams or milled down from siding, or maintain a mixture of distressed surfaces and reveal some smooth surfaces or be completely original barn siding.  This material is a mix of both red and white oak.   The character of this flooring includes knots, nail-holes and brown and black patinas.  This wood being very old contains a fair amount of tighter grain.   Random widths 3″ to 9″, Random Lengths 1′ to 12′ (average 5′)


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Horse Country Oak – Old equine fencing is recycled to make this flooring.  It is set aside because of the grey and black color that these boards have when they arrive at the mill.  Horse Country Oak has a medium to high knot content, giving the floor a very rustic look.  The floor has a very unique look with the mixture of the red and white oak, along with the black patina from paint and weathering. Width 4 1/2″, Random Lengths 1′ to 8′ (average 4′ 6″)



Tobaccowood Pine – For the first two centuries in American history, the economy of the southern states thrived on tobacco.  Farmers across the southeast constructed large open barn to hand and heat cure their tobacco.  These barns, and others like them, yield a mix of pines with a beautiful tobacco colored patina and saw kerf from the rough and rugged sawmills that cut the lumber.



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Heart Pine – Made from the wood of century old buildings, this flooring has matchless character and color.  This material comes from both industry buildings and old barns from across the country.  This lumber has heartwood, knots and nail-holes.  Random widths 3″ – 9″, Random lengths 1′ – 12′ (average 5′)

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