Our Team

Vickie Kelley
Known affectionately as “The Table Lady,” Vickie loves to connect with families and share information. She helps customers shape the heritage furniture we create from reclaimed wood, and make selections in flooring and architectural accents. As every piece we craft is made to order, Vickie connects Shenandoah teamFurniture Gallery’s master craftsmanship, our understanding and inventory of historic woods, and our commitment to superior service to bring our customers’ vision for their homes to life.

Charlie Funk
Charlie’s quiet intensity fuels the creation of our customized wood furniture and cabinetry. He’s a master craftsman who signs every table he creates. His vision for simple and quality furniture inspires our collection and gives our customers comfort and classic style. Charlie creates perfectly rendered drawings so that each client knows exactly what they will get.  His commitment and sense of history show in every piece of Shenandoah furniture.

HunterHunter Kelley – Our Wood Purveyor
With over 35 years experience in the antique wood industry, Hunter understands and appreciates the value of our passion to re-use antique wood rather than destroy the forest. Hunter started his career in the wood industry in 1981.  He realized the potential for the reclaimed wood industry and began to build his business around this resource.  He keeps us stocked with antique lumber which is rich with character as well as history.  He heads up our flooring department, beam department – hand hewn beams, rough sawn beams, faux box beams and beam skins, reclaimed shiplapped paneling department, as well as our architectural accents department.  His resources are endless!!