Are We Green?

We hear this question a lot. We build natural furniture that is handcrafted from wood that has been used previously, not wood that has been cut from living forestlands.

Each year the United States buries about 33 million tons of construction and demolition debris in our landfills, much of it useable wood. As the wood decomposes, it releases about 5 million tons of carbon equivalent in the form of methane gas.

Every ton of wood we reuse avoids the creation of 60 pounds of greenhouse gases required to harvest and mill new lumber. Dismantling and reusing the lumber found in old barns and other structures saves a significant amount of debris from clogging landfills, and helps prevent greenhouse gases from clogging our atmosphere.

And, just as important, when we reuse old farm structures the historic significance of that lumber is saved forever. We cherish that old barn wood, and our master craftsmen turn it into beautiful furniture.

Are we green? Absolutely.

Reclaimed barn wood furniture is the most environmentally-friendly furniture you can buy.