Kitchen & Cabinet Design Process

Step 1: Describe Your Space – Preliminary Layouts & Planning

Hand draw an outline of your kitchen.
Show walls, windows, and doors, with dimensions all around. Place on the diagram where you would like for the new cabinetry to go. Remember to plan space for furniture and appliance placement, as well as for cooking and walking. You do NOT need to draw this to scale. We will check all of your kitchen’s dimensions at a later site visit.

Discuss Your Layout With Us
Ideally, if you can bring your sketch to our gallery, we’ll discuss your needs for cabinetry, the possibilities for your space and your desired project outcome. We’ll review the architecture of the adjacent rooms to ensure the new space compliments the existing surroundings. After discuss your functional, aesthetic and budgetary desires, we’ll take your measurements and pictures back to our design studio and process the information we have gathered into a beautiful and functional kitchen that meets your needs and your budget guidelines. We will prepare preliminary space spans, elevations, perspective 3D views, and price quotations while also gathering samples and other information in preparation for the Design Presentation meeting to follow.

Step 2: Initial Plan and Plan Revisions, Guarantee a Price, Set Delivery Date

Design Presentation Meeting
At the Design Presentation meeting in our showroom, we will unveil the proposed design solution for your space and review the design features with you. The project estimate will be presented based on this solution. There may be changes to the design that you would like to see. To proceed with Design Revisions, a non-refundable Design Retainer is required to continue in the amount of $750.00. This retainer is applied to the final project. Upon receipt of the Design Retainer, drawings will be released to you.

Review the plan.
After you receive our initial plan and quote, you’ll want to review it carefully. Are all of your needs and wants factored into this plan? Is this truly the layout you want for your kitchen? We’ll produce amended plans and quotes until you are satisfied with the overall layout.

Step 3: Site Visit, Produce Final Detailed Plan

Site visit.
About 12 weeks before the delivery date, we will make a site visit to confirm all dimensions and installation details. It’s important that we anticipate any plumbing or wiring needs, as well as see where appliances and other items will go.

Final Detailed Plan
At this point, we will make a final detailed plan with elevations showing how the cabinetry will be installed in your kitchen. We will also make an itemized list of all trim, handles, accessories, and appliances.

Step 4: Delivery and Installation

One week before the delivery date, we will contact you to finalize a convenient day and time for delivery to your home. If we are installing the cabinets, we will arrange the time for the installers to arrive.

Special Installation Needs
We try to finish installation within a week of delivery. When granite countertops are involved, the process of templating the furniture and manufacturing the countertops often results in the installation running into the following week. An additional visit is usually required from our installers so the sink and faucets can be properly connected. If a floor is to be laid after the cabinetry is fitted, another visit from our installers may be required to fix the plinth trim.