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Farm House Kitchen Remodel Alexandria, VA

Recently, a couple from Del Ray, Alexandria came to us with ideas about the renovations they would like to make on their 1932 bungalow. They purchased their lovely historic home based on the previous owners care and attention to the home’s architectural integrity with regard to form, materials and architectural features. However, time and use had taken a toll on certain elements of the kitchen and main living area.

Based on their own research as well as their inherent belief that history must be preserved whenever possible, we set out to help them salvage as many of the materials and architectural elements as possible when remodeling their Alexandria farm house kitchen and restoring their floors.

They chose reclaimed walnut wood flooring; it gave the home a base of rich tones from which to build the rest of the decor and accents. Their historic Alexandria custom kitchen cabinetry was positioned as closely as possible to the original kitchen layout, making changes in the layout only when it became necessary to continue the proper flow of the traffic of the living space. We paid close attention to the style of hardware used on the cabinets, from the hinges to the knobs and pulls so that it was compatible and authentic to the style and era of the home.

All of the modifications made to this beautiful gem in downtown Del Ray, Alexandria were always measured against the need to preserve and reuse materials whenever possible; our legacy of craftsmanship considers it a privilege to extend the life of your home and the life that you build within it.

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