Craftsman’s Mark

Each and every Shenandoah Farm Table is signed and dated by the craftsman who builds it. This signature is representative of the craftsman personally, and enhances the value of your furniture — historically 40 to 500%.

Our furniture is built to order in the United States and each piece is unique. We farmtable_image10don’t make excuses for the ingrained characteristics of our wood. In fact, we appreciate nature’s blemishes that do not affect the structural integrity of our product. Small splits, knots, and other natural “defects” become attributes, rather than flaws, with the addition of an unparalleled finish that begs to be touched — not to mention — used in a home.

We let nature do the talking. In fact, you may notice some variation in grain, thickness, and texture of the wood. We hope you will value each Shenandoah Farm Table as a piece of history for your home, for your family, and for generations to come.

Our craftsmen do. They’ll put their name on it.