Classic Construction

Much of our lumber, weathered for years in unused farm buildings, was destined for the landfill or burning. The effects of sun, wind, and rain give barn wood incredible beauty that is unmatched in newer woods. Each piece is also kiln-dried to guarantee that it is structurally stable and pest free.

Shenandoah Furniture Gallery is pleased that we are able to contribute to the environment, reclaiming and reusing resources, one board at a time. Younger trees are allowed to grow, and material destined for destruction is given new purpose.

We build each piece of Shenandoah furniture with quality craftsmanship.

Every effort is made to preserve the natural aged beauty of each board. Using time-tested, traditional methods of construction, over forty years of experience in building hand-crafted furniture is invested into every piece of Shenandoahfurniture we build. Our hand drawn and detailed architectural renderings guarantee that you will get exactly as what was designed.

Craven Pedestal sketch

Craven Pedestal 2Craven Pedestal table










This includes:
• Pinned breadboard ends that keep our tabletops flat and allow for seasonal expansion and contraction.

• A glued top attached to the furniture base to allow for expansion without warping or cracking in humid climates.

• Dove-tailed drawers, solid-timber legs, and grain-matched boards to ensure high-quality furniture with smooth joints and high stability – superior to furniture made using more modern methods.

• Glued mortise-and-tenon bases with pins as fasteners are available; also bases that can be quickly disassembled for easy shipping and moving.

• Company boards (extensions for the ends of the table) are available on every table to add additional seating for special occasions.