Reclaimed Wood Furniture

Reclaimed Wood Furniture is not always an obvious choice to the untrained eye, but it is becoming a widely used preference for not only furniture designers but consumers. Reclaimed wood is a great choice for beauty and for longevity. Additionally, it allows the story and the tradition of the wood

Our Neighbor – Catoctin Creek Distillery

Something that is unique to Loudoun County, Virginia is the spirit of the people who live and work here. There is a motto that most if not all of us Loudouners possess; live local, buy local and support local. As a local business owner in this community, we are so fortunate that the people who li

From Farm to Office

When shopping for a statement piece of furniture, most people purchase our handcrafted farm tables for their home or the home of someone they love. However, our custom farm tables can also be designed and created for your office. A new trend is developing where local businesses are looking for a

The Perfect Symbol of Love

Love is in the air and all across the DC Metro area, couples are finalizing seating charts, and tasting cake and altering their wedding apparel for the final time. Wedding season is upon us and over the next few months you may be attending the nuptials of friends and family.  Besides the first

Our Reclaimed Wood Furniture Handcrafted in Northern Virginia Celebrates Americana

If you are fortunate enough to be able to take advantage of an all-season’s room or a covered porch in July, you know what a unique pleasure it is to step out of your normal routine and enjoy a meal with family and friends in the comfort of the semi-outdoors. Independence Day inaugurates all th