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Archive for October 2014

From Farm to Table: How Shenandoah Furniture Gallery Preserves History

Article written by the PURCELLVILLE GAZETTE ⋅ OCTOBER 20, 2014 Vickie Kelley likes to say that Shenandoah Furniture Gallery’s tables are made to last 100 years after they are handcrafted at the Shenandoah workshop in Berryville. But these 100 years will be a second life, since the wood used to create their signature furniture, floors,…

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The New Generation of Farm Table Custodians

The farmhouse table has been an integral part of the American home since the earliest settlers gathered together to share a meal. They were cut from plentiful timber and fashioned more for their function than for their integral beauty. They served the dual purpose of a central meeting point for the family at dinner –…

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